Sara Snelling from All on the Table

Sara Snelling from All on the Table Sara Snelling is an innovative, forward-thinking nutritionist with a food science, food service and food safety background. While earning her bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics at Northern Illinois University, she did a variety of volunteer work within her community. This includes experience with teaching culinary classes, medical nutrition therapy instruction, public speaking and data analysis and research in nutrition across many demographics.

Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit!…

The more you eat the more healthy your heart. …wait, that’s not how it goes… ... Full story

Keep Your Engine Running!

Snack Throughout the Day and Save Calories and Money! ... Full story

Need to Work off that Pecan Pie?

Here are some yummy, healthy meal and snack ideas to help your body fuel up and recover from a workout...get after it! ... Full story

Holiday Eating

Survive Holiday Parties Without Cutting a New Notch Into Your Belt ... Full story

When Farmer’s Markets Are Dwindling Or Gone

....and less produce is in season, you can still get the nutrients you need if you know where to look and how to shop. ... Full story

Want a More Tender, Tasty Turkey in Less Time?

Try Brining! A Great Thanksgiving Turkey Hack. ... Full story

Get The Most Out Of It!

Food combos that bring out the most nutrients. ... Full story

Foods to Avoid When on Antibiotics

Tis the season…there’s a lot of icky stuff that makes its rounds when the temperature drops. And if you do get sick and have to medicate, ... Full story

Ah Gluten..Delicious, Delicious Gluten!

Why Does Everyone Seem to Love to Hate You? ... Full story

Foods We Shouldn’t Be Refrigerating

A quick guide to some typically refrigerated foods that are best left out of the cold! ... Full story

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