Ladies: Get Dressed In 3 Minutes or Less

Setting your clothes and accessories out the night before makes for a smooth transition into your simple morning. But, first ... Full story

Featured Dishes

Must try appetizers, entrees, desserts or cocktails available at local Fox Valley restaurants. ... Full story

Cruising the Greek Islands with Shay

Featuring Athens, Turkey, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos & Patmos ... Full story

Interview with Colin Smith Owner of Balmoral Restaurant in Campton Hills

Balmoral Restaurant is the vision of Colin Smith, a restaurateur from the Old Country, born in Perthshire, Scotland. ... Full story

Fox Valley Magazine's Interview with One of Illinois Current Longest Serving Mayors

Mayor Jeffery D. Schielke is a 6th generation resident of Batavia, Illinois, and is currently serving his 38th consecutive year ... Full story


Put Your Home on a Paper Clutter Diet in 3 Easy Steps

1. Minimizing paper clutter starts with mail. When you enter your home with a handful of mail, sort it into two hands.  Immediately place your junk mail in the recycle bin or in the shredder.  Tear off the backs of catalogs you ...

What is airbrush makeup?

This is a common question this time of year as we enter our " Bridal Season." The answer is simple really " less is more." Airbrush makeup traditionally uses 10× less makeup (product) than manual makeup allowing your natural skin tone to ...

Kelly Kapoor’s Story Hour Cocktail Recipe

I’m a HUGE fan of the office, so for all my office fans we present, Kelly Kapoor’s Story Hour.  Veev, lemon and luxardo 2 oz. Veev .25 oz lemon juice  .25 oz luxardo    Add all ingredients to your shaker tin, add ice and shake for ...
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